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Baujahr 2022
Standort des LFZ Deutschland
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Frank Prochaska
Rheinland Air Service GmbH
Flughafenstr. 31
41066 Mönchengladbach
Telefon-Nr. +49 (0) 178 2550 246

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Pratt & Whitney

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Factory New

Garmin G3000

TBM E-Copilot System
• ESP / USP - Electronic Stability Protection and Underspeed Protection
• AOA / stall indicator and stick shaker based on heated probe
• Smooth transition from barometric VNAV to glideslope path
• Surface Watch® for airport environment awareness
• Automated ice protection system with ice detector
• LVL - Level button to roll level and hold altitude
• EDM - Emergency Descent Mode
• LPV, LNAV/VNAV (including Baro VNAV) approach support and
advisory vertical guidance for LP, LNAV and visual approaches
• HomeSafe emergency autoland function

Instruments & Standard Avionics
• 1 GMA 36B Audio Controller, with bluetooth audio link, integrated marker beacon receiver, intercom and public address capability
• 2 GDU 1250W, 12" WUXGA high resolution Primary Flight Displays (PFDs)
• 1 GDU 1250W, 12" WUXGA high resolution Multi-Function Display (MFD) with engine,
pressurization, electrical, fuel, flaps and trim indication, crew alerting system (CAS), checklist capability, aircraft synoptics and navigation mapping system
• 2 GIA 64W, Nav/Com/ILS/WAAS/GPS
• 2 GEA 71B, Engine and airframe interface unit
• 2 GRS 79, Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
• 2 GMU 44 triaxial magnetometer
• 2 GDC 72, digital air data computers with dual probe system
• 1 GTX 345 Mode S Extended Squitter transponder (#1) ADS-B In & out
• 2 GTC 580 Tactile Controllers conveniently located on the reclined section of the panel
• 1 GMC 711 AT autopilot and autothrottle mode controller located in upper central panel
• 4 GSA 81 torque flight servos (yaw, pitch, pitch trim and roll)
• 1 GSA 87 Servo actuator for autothrottle
• 1 GTA 82 adapter for yaw auto trim device
• MD 302 Back up Attitude, Airspeed, Altitude and heading digital display, 2 screens instrument with MD32 remote magnetometer
LPV, LNAV/VNAV (including Baro VNAV) approaches support and advisory vertical guidance for LP, LNAV and Visual approaches
° Smooth transition from barometric VNAV to Glideslope/path

• Flightstream FS510 Bluetooth/Wifi card allowing Tablet to Avionics secured exchange information channel
• Airframe de-icing control panel
• Inertial separator control
• Landing gear control panel
• Electric generation controls and monitoring on overhead panel
• Dedicated master warning and caution for Crew Alerting System message acknowledgement
• Voice alert System
• Cabin temperature control (dual zone, with override capability)
• Heated stall warning system
• Digital chronometer displayed on GDU
• Digital Flight time hourmeter
• Instrument panel lighting, CB dedicated switch lighting
• 6 Bose A20 Headsets
• Flight Data Recorder
Do it yourself - Select your personal Paint Scheme to fly the most unique TBM ever designed.
With a choice among thousand possibilities, you can turn your aircraft magically visible in the sky and majestically stand out on taxi ways. Strong coating and paint quality are carefully applied to last under extreme weather conditions.

• Dual flight controls, control wheel leather covered with 8 integrated functions: autopilot, electric pitch and rudder trim, transponder, frequency changer on COM 1, push-to-talk, Stormscope®, timer
• Elevator, rudder and aileron electric trim
• Electrical pre-select flaps with integrated asymmetry detection system
• Central console including single lever power control with bleed inhibition in low idle condition, electric flap control, fuel selector, manual pitch trim, ailerons electric trim, manual override control
• Adjustable rudder pedals
• Landing gear handle
• Dual toe brakes - Parking brake
• Landing gear emergency extension handle
• Automatic environment and pressurization control system with max diff mode
• Alternate static source control
• Alternate ram air source control
Do it yourself - Personalize YOUR TBM940! Pick your most favourite leather designs, stitching and colours to create your personal stylish and comforable cabin ambiance.

The Daher TBM 940 give SUV-type flexibility while providing style and comfort. In just a few minutes, the rear seats can be removed and the cabin converted into a four-seat forward-facing configuration with an unrestricted baggage area capable of holding over 500 lb. (230 kg.) of cargo, including business equipment, skis and golf clubs. The pilot door comes standard and makes boarding easy.

Premium Edition Fittings Including
• 6 fabric heated seats with adjustable backrests folding armrests and intermediate seats with forward and backward
accommodation with multiple installation configuration
• Polished aluminum finish on seat side beams
• Fully adjustable (3-axis) pilot and copilot seats and adjustable rudder pedals
• Flexible cabin configurations; capable of 4, 5 or 6 seat layouts, includes 2 nets for luggage load
• New choice of leather colors for the upper and lower panels of the cabin, on the seat and new wood,
wool carpeting
• Individual fresh air vents and reading lights
• Pilot and copilot sun visors
• Ship powered headset jacks (Bose Lemo plugs) behind each seat and on instrument panel
• Baggage compartment with straps and baggage net
• Halon cabin fire extinguisher
• Parking protection kit - Windshield cover
• Environmental system with engine driven air-conditioning system (VCS)
• Cockpit and cabin cupholders (cupholder in the rear armrest and in the pilot door)
• Coat hanger with headset support
• Folding executive table
• Metal structure and skin paneling
• Carbon fiber engine cowling and winglets
• Anti-corrosion protection treatment
• Retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation
• Hydraulic disc brakes
• Pressurized 6 seats cabin (6.2 psi) and baggage compartment
• Sound proofing and thermal insulation
• Pilot Access Door
• Large access door with retractable stairway
• Emergency exit
• Front storage compartment (not pressurized) with lockable access door
• Easy maintenance access doors
• Wing Tie-down attachments
• Jacking points
• Gaseous oxygen system for 6 seats and quick donning masks
with smart microphone for pilot & copilot
• 2022 paint scheme

Ice Protection
• Pneumatically deiced wing and tail unit
• Heated engine air intake lip
• Pilot controlled engine inertial separator
• Electrically heated propeller blades
• Electrically heated pitot tubes
• Electrically deiced stall warning sensor
• Pilot & copilot electrically heated windshields - Ice detector light

Electrical Equipment
• Automatic starter generator transition during start
• Lead acid battery 24v 42 ah
• Starter generator 28v 300 amp
• Standby generator 28v 100 amp
• Electrical power control center
• Circuit breakers
• Anti-collision strobe lights LED beacon on ground (winglets & tail)
• Navigation lights
• Taxi and landing LED lights
• LED ice detection light
• Ground power plug - Ground clearance energy saver
• Tri band ELT with GPS connection
• 7 high power USB charging ports and a 14v + 115v universal port in the passenger cabin + 115v universal port

Fuel Equipment
• One structural fuel tank per wing
• Engine driven fuel pump
• Standby electrical fuel pump and low-pressure switch / indicator
• Fuel tank selector with automatic fuel tank sequencer unit
• Capacitive fuel gauges with low fuel level warning system
Discover the 2022 DAHER TBM940.
Experience a perfect blend of speed, range, reliability, comfort and strength.

WITH TBM E-Copilot System
ESP / AOA, Automated Ice Protection, EDM, LVL, HomeSafe Emergency Autoland Function and CPDLC.

Superior performance – a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts. – and high efficiency with a 1,730-naut. mi. maximum range and a fuel consumption at economy cruise of 37 U.S. gallons per hour. This results from aerodynamic improvements, along with other aircraft enhancements. The maximum range and useful load, as well as the ability to land at small airports, are some of the customers’ favorite features.

RAS is the official TBM distributor for Germany and Austria. Secure the next available position. Give us a call.

Dieses Inserat ist seit seiner Einstellung 1812 mal aufgerufen worden.



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