Enstrom - 280FX

EUR 103.500
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Year 1989
Aircraft registered in United Kingdom
Aircraft location Germany
Total time, airframe total ca. 1546 hours
Annual inspection (ARC) New ARC in October 2015

Advertiser status

Advertiser status: aircraft dealer

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Engine 1





Propeller 1

Total time(s)

ca. 132 hrs. (06/2009) since last overhaul

XPDR Trig TT31 Mode-S
Intercom - KING GPS Insight EGT/CHT - Fuelflow FS 450
Business Grey Leather -new-
Rotorblade manufacturer: Enstrom. Type:Main: 28-14100-9 - Rear: 28-150002-1. Main Rotor Spindle AD SDB0119 / Collective Stick Socket SDB0120 performed. New ARC in October 2015
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priced for export

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