New, used, reconditioned and overhauled engines and parts. Components of the power train



Engine with Accessories No Prop Strike. Logs, pictures and additional details per request.

Phone Number: +17472214169

Continental IO-470-D

Continental IO-470-D

Engine was removed from aircraft due to upgrade to an IO-550, No damage history, low hours since overhaul. TT 5368hrs.
MTV-6-A/187-129 Propeller

MTV-6-A/187-129 Propeller

Neuwertiger MTV-6-A/187-129 Propeller aus Projektaufgabe zu verkaufen

Der Propeller benötigt ein OH. OH bei MT kostet rund 4.000€ plus MwSt. Neuer Propeller kostet 11.000€ plus MwSt. (38-40 Wochen Lieferzeit)

Macht mir einfach ein Angebot

Phone Number: 06026995455

no photo

Continental TSIO360

Biet an, zwei Zylinder komplett, inkl. Kolben und Kolbenbolzen, für den Motor:
Continental TSIO360 mit " Authorized Release Certificate FAA Form 8130-3, Airwothiness Approval Tag. (Repaired)
Wichtig für Einbau in D- registrierte Maschinen.

Phone Number: +4917634281139

Lycoming IO-360-C1C

Lycoming IO-360-C1C

Lycoming IO-360-C1C - Engine w/Accessories TSMO= 595.61 from a 1974 Piper PA28R-200 Arrow
no photo

Suche Propeller MTV 7a 156 122

Hallo, suche elektr. verstell Propeller MTV 7a 156 122; ww. auch einen MTV 7a 152 106 für ein Ultraleicht. Bitte alles anbieten mit Preisvorstellung.

Phone Number: 01783753676

Continental O-200A engine

Continental O-200A engine

Complete O-200 engine sold with accessories. NO PROP STRIKE TT 4350 TSMOH 570. Ready to be installed in a new aircraft.
Continental TSIO-520-J-Motor

Continental TSIO-520-J-Motor

Motor wurde zur Einlagerung konserviert! Dieser wurde aus einer Cessna 414 ausgebaut. Flugzeug/Triebwerk war nicht in einen Propellerstreik verwickelt. Was Sie auf den Bildern sehen, ist das, was Sie bekommen.
Sternmotor Pratt & Whitney.

Sternmotor Pratt & Whitney.

O-Time overhaul, 7 Zylinder Doppelstern, 14 Zylinder, 1200 Ps, 30 Ltr. Hubraum, alle Papiere, sowie die Rechnung für die Überholung i.H.v. 69.000 $, vorhanden, sofort verfügbar.

Gg. Gebot, Tausch möglich. Motor ist konserviert. Mobil 0174-7070794

Phone Number: 0174 - 7070794

Sauer Motor S2100-1-AS0

Sauer Motor S2100-1-AS0

Motor S/N: 150. GÜ durch Fa. Sauer 07/2021, konserviert, 0 Stunden gelaufen und trocken in der Halle gelagert. Inkl. aller Dokumente. Fertig in Transportkiste.

Nicht im Lieferumfang: Abgasanlage, Prop, Luftfilteransaugkasten, Drehzahlmesser

Preis 12.000

Phone Number: 0043 67687037120

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Continental® Certified Factory New and Rebuilt Piston Engines
As well as offering parts support, Adams Aviation has been successfully supplying the full range of factory new and rebuilt Continental® engines for many years.

With their

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Atlas becomes first European dealer for PRIZM LED lighting systems. First installation took place in Augsburg/Germany.

Atlas Air Service, together with its subsidiaries

Action weeks and new South African VFR chart
13.11.2023 – Eisenschmidt have planned numerous sales actions during the closing weeks of this year for their valued customers. Thus, pilot shopping has become even more fun.


AirShampoo landing fee vouchers for 2024
21.11.23: Once again, flying will become more affordable in the coming year 2024 with the help of AirShampoo's landing vouchers, the "Lande-Gutscheinheft 2024". This time, new locations
EASA STC for Cessna 414A Series + RAM
Atting, November 2023 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH received the EASA STC 10043106 R1 for the 4-blade natural composite propeller MTV-14-D-C-F/CF188-30() on the Cessna 414A Series
3-blade MT-Propeller MTV-12 now certified
Atting, November 2023 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH has received the FAA STC SA00148IB for the 3-blade MTV-12-B-C-F/CF188-53( ) on the PA-23-235, PA-E23-250, PA-23-250 powered by
General Aviation flies on course into the future
November 09, 2023 | Friedrichshafen, Germany. Piston aircraft are traditionally one of the most important pillars of AERO. At the 30th AERO, exhibitors from the single-engine and twin-engine
First-ever new Warbird Propeller certified
The new 4-bladed Warbird MTV-4-1 MT-Propeller is certified by EASA TC EASA.P.501 for the use on the Twin Mustang F82 and was initially installed there, but it can be also installed
Production ramp-up, new F2 and CT aircraft shipped
September 15th 2023, Eisenach Germany - Flight Design general aviation, the European manufacturer of the F2 and CT series of aircraft reports that the first 2 production F2-LSA models
TMZ mandatory zone in the Netherlands
A TMZ with mandatory listening watch below the Schiphol TMA-1 in the Netherlands is in force since July 13. Many foreign pilots use Dutch airspace, an information pamphlet has been
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