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Mitflieger im Raum Berlin gesucht

Mitflieger im Raum Berlin gesucht

für eine sehr gepflegte und ordentlich gewartete Cessna 150 F suche ich einen Piloten der ab und an mein Flugzeug benutzen möchte. Mogas zertifiziert und neue Jahresprüfung 07/16. Standort EDAV-Eberswalde/Finow. Mehr unter - 0178-1481000
Cessna 210-5 ab Bremgarten EDTG

Cessna 210-5 ab Bremgarten EDTG

gepflegte 6- sitzige Cessna 21o mit festem Fahrwerk VFR - NVFR- CVFR- ILS- GPS- Argus ( auch als Absetzmaschine zugelassen) NL bei vollen Tanks 490Kg Reichweite 5,5 Std . 190,00€ trocken.
Info: Tel: +49 (0) 163 8348272
AQUILA-Charter ab Hildesheim EDVM

AQUILA-Charter ab Hildesheim EDVM

Aquila 100 PS, CVFR-Avionik, KMD 150 GPS

mehr Infos:

Telefon: +49 (0) 0 51 21 - 28 09 80
DA 40  TDI G1000 ab Hildesheim EDVM

DA 40 TDI G1000 ab Hildesheim EDVM

gepflegt zu günstigen Konditionen - VFR + IFR

mehr Infos : .

Tel.: +49 (0) 51 21 - 28 09 80
no photo

Vermietung / Rental - N-reg. aircraft

C172 (Garmin 430), US-IFR ausgestattet, sehr guter Zustand, von FAA CFII / JAR/FCL FI zu vermieten ab EDFB, Mobil +49 (0) 173 / 66 222 99 -


The stunt pilot in his Siai Marchetti
On behalf of tool manufacturer Bahco , Ralf Niebergall will be presenting tool trolleys and special tool sets for aircraft

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New AOPA Safety Letter
The calculation of weight and balance of an aircraft is the task of the pilot in command. It might not be necessary to do this before every flight, especially if the conditions do not

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Looking for the right airplane
Time was quickly ticking down to my day with the examiner for my private pilot check ride. I had mastered the steep turns, the frightening stalls and high performance landings and takeoffs.

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Short Field Takeoff
It was a beautiful summer day and my wife, my son, and I were going to enjoy it to the fullest. We were flying to Madeline Island (4R5) in La Pointe, Wisconsin, for the day. The field

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Bumpy ride!
The airplane probably can handle it, but only if you slow down, keep the wings level and accept altitude excursions.

There I was, sliding down from my cruising altitude

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The Pre-Buy exam
Whether you're buying an airplane to refurbish or one that's just been refurbed it's essential that you subject it to a pre-buy exam by a mechanic you chose. You should especially look

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Commercial IFR Single-Engine Turbine Operations
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has now published long-awaited rules broadening the permitted use of single-engine turbine (SET) aircraft in commercial operations. Previously,

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Floating Down The Runway?
It's frustrating to watch stripe after stripe pass underneath your nose, well past where you planned to touch down. Worse yet, your airspeed just isn't bleeding off. We've all been

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200th Tecnam P2006T sold
Tecnam has reported that they have just delivered their 200th twin-engine P2006T aircraft. The latest Tecnam P2006T joins the Bartolini Air fleet, a flight training school based out

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Eclipse ends 550 production
One Aviation will stop building Eclipse 550 aircraft this year as it gets ready to replace that design with the code-named Eclipse Canada. CEO Alan Klapmeier told an event in Hammond,

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