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Maintenance & Spare Parts
New and used aircraft spares. Offers for aircraft modification. overhaul, and maintenance



SR 3000 J flight adjustable propeller for sale, includes the spinner. 200 flight hours, in great condition.

Phone Number: +381648488088

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Magneto Synchronizer E-50

Verkaufe ein gebrauchten Magneto Synchronizer Model E-50
für 85,00 EUR
Mail: sucim@t-online.de

Phone Number: 0525161262

LX 9000 GEN 3. £2900

LX 9000 GEN 3. £2900

Extremely bright color displays readable in all sunlight conditions with backlight automatically adapted using an ambient light sensor (ALS).
Using Linux operating system (not CE Windows) ensures fast and stable operation of the firmware.
6 or 8 push buttons and 4 rotary switches (knobs) are used for input, which comprises the well-known LX user interface. Optionally a remote stick is available for more comfort.
Portrait or landscape orientation.
Pre-loaded with worldwide terrain maps, airspace and airport databases.
Unlimited number of waypoints.
Unlimited number of tasks (with assigned area support).
Comprehensive flight and task statistics.
Display of nearest airports and out-landing fields.
Unlimited number of pilots/profiles.
Integrated flight recorder according to high-level IGC specifications.
Real-time flight optimization according to FAI and OLC rules.
Flights stored in IGC format are downloadable using the integrated SD Card.
Flight recorder functions include an integral pressure transducer based on 1013 mbar level for altitude recording, engine noise level sensor, memory to store more than 1000 hours of flights and digital and mechanical security devices to ensure a high level of security.
Integrated FLARM collision avoidance system with graphic, sound and voice (optional) presentation.

Phone Number: 0131 226 6134

Mühlbauer MTV 12-D/180-17

Mühlbauer MTV 12-D/180-17

Dreiblatt Probeler für IO360 Continental seid Überhohlung 04,2018 nur 108 Std. Gelaufen.Wie Neu

Phone Number: 04991748693011

Propeller McCauley 2A34C203-C

Propeller McCauley 2A34C203-C

Propeller für IO360 Continental neu Überholt 04/2023 von Mühlbauer

Phone Number: 04991748693011

Abgasanlage AT01 / ROTAX

Abgasanlage AT01 / ROTAX

Angeboten wird:
Auspufftopf (100PS Version)
Halteblech Endrohr (Aquila).

Einsatz: Motor ROTAX 912S3, Aquila A211
Jahr 2013, rund 1800h TT mit FORM1.
Austausch nur wegen Wechsel System.
Weitere Bilder auf Anfrage - Gegen Gebot abzugeben
Propeller Piper Navajo pa-31

Propeller Piper Navajo pa-31

Biete 2 Propeller der Piper Navajo pa-31 an.
Betriebszeit ist abgelaufen.
Betriebsfähig ausgebaut.
Guter Zustand.
Preis pro Stück.
Über Angebote würde ich mich freuen:)
Neuform 3 Blatt Propeller

Neuform 3 Blatt Propeller

am Boden einstellbar
nahezu neuwertig
Kontakt: savage1961@gmx.de
Tel. 0171 695 870 1


Complete STAMPE SV4C Airframe, good dry wood, 33000e

Phone Number: +32478292184

Slick UNISON LASAR Ign. System

Slick UNISON LASAR Ign. System

Slick UNISON LASAR Electronic Ignition System f. Lycoming IO-360, 0 Hrs, originally packaged, Regulator S/N 08191-07, 12V , Control Harness, Magnetos: LH M2989 S/N 08091528 / RH M2990 S/N 08091531 +49 937123942 / +49 1719086854 / kwolf@wolf-team.de

Phone Number: +49 93713942

Aircraft Dealer Listings


Continental® Certified Factory New and Rebuilt Piston Engines
As well as offering parts support, Adams Aviation has been successfully supplying the full range of factory new and rebuilt Continental® engines for many years.

With their

Atlas Air Service brings PRIZM Aircraft Lighting to Europe
Atlas becomes first European dealer for PRIZM LED lighting systems. First installation took place in Augsburg/Germany.

Atlas Air Service, together with its subsidiaries

Action weeks and new South African VFR chart
13.11.2023 – Eisenschmidt have planned numerous sales actions during the closing weeks of this year for their valued customers. Thus, pilot shopping has become even more fun.


AirShampoo landing fee vouchers for 2024
21.11.23: Once again, flying will become more affordable in the coming year 2024 with the help of AirShampoo's landing vouchers, the "Lande-Gutscheinheft 2024". This time, new locations
EASA STC for Cessna 414A Series + RAM
Atting, November 2023 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH received the EASA STC 10043106 R1 for the 4-blade natural composite propeller MTV-14-D-C-F/CF188-30() on the Cessna 414A Series
3-blade MT-Propeller MTV-12 now certified
Atting, November 2023 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH has received the FAA STC SA00148IB for the 3-blade MTV-12-B-C-F/CF188-53( ) on the PA-23-235, PA-E23-250, PA-23-250 powered by
General Aviation flies on course into the future
November 09, 2023 | Friedrichshafen, Germany. Piston aircraft are traditionally one of the most important pillars of AERO. At the 30th AERO, exhibitors from the single-engine and twin-engine
First-ever new Warbird Propeller certified
The new 4-bladed Warbird MTV-4-1 MT-Propeller is certified by EASA TC EASA.P.501 for the use on the Twin Mustang F82 and was initially installed there, but it can be also installed
Production ramp-up, new F2 and CT aircraft shipped
September 15th 2023, Eisenach Germany - Flight Design general aviation, the European manufacturer of the F2 and CT series of aircraft reports that the first 2 production F2-LSA models
TMZ mandatory zone in the Netherlands
A TMZ with mandatory listening watch below the Schiphol TMA-1 in the Netherlands is in force since July 13. Many foreign pilots use Dutch airspace, an information pamphlet has been
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