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Complete STAMPE SV4C Airframe, good dry wood, 33000e

Phone Number: +32478292184

Slick UNISON LASAR Ign. System

Slick UNISON LASAR Ign. System

Slick UNISON LASAR Electronic Ignition System f. Lycoming IO-360, 0 Hrs, originally packaged, Regulator S/N 08191-07, 12V , Control Harness, Magnetos: LH M2989 S/N 08091528 / RH M2990 S/N 08091531 +49 937123942 / +49 1719086854 /

Phone Number: +49 93713942

Metallbauwerkzeug Tool Kit

Metallbauwerkzeug Tool Kit

Achtung (RV-) Selbstbauer: Niet-, Dimple-, Metallbauwerkzeug wg. Fertigstellung und Werkstattauflösung günstig abzugeben! Für Link zu Fotogalerie u. Details:
Tel.: +49 93712-3942 / Mob.: +49 171 9086854 / email

Phone Number: +49 93713942

Suche Haube für Robin R3000

Suche Haube für Robin R3000

Ich suche dringend eine komplette Haube für meine Robin R3000 120D, oder die einzelnen Teile.
Hier die Part-Nr.: 1x windshield LH,1x windshield RH,1x window, LH rear,1x window, RH rear,1x seal 28.

Phone Number: +4917624093806

Kelly  KA14027 harness

Kelly KA14027 harness

New Kelly KA14027 harness for Lycoming 360 series engines.
Euro 480 VAT free.

Phone Number: +35722453346

Propeller Warp drive TecnamP92

Propeller Warp drive TecnamP92

Warp Drive 3 Blatt

War auf ein Tecnam P92 Rotax 912ULS 100ps Constant speed Durchm 1,72, blattwinkel 25-26 Grade

Privatverkauf, keine Rücknahme oder Garantie“. Die Ware wird unter Ausschluss jeglicher Gewährleistung verkauft.“ Gekauft wie gesehen!
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Propeller MT-12

Mühlbauer Dreiblatt MTV-12-D/180-17
Wie neu nur 100 Std nach Überholung gelaufen

Phone Number: 04991748693011

Slick : M-2989/LH + M-2990/RH

Slick : M-2989/LH + M-2990/RH

Slick Magnete: M-2989 , ca 420 Std seit neu! M2990, ca. 120 Std. seit neu! Beide Magnete mit neuer Form 1, (Loma Air) mit Dichtung, neuer form 1 , (500 Std.Kontrolle) kein Core, je 1250,-€ incl. Versand in Germany, zu verkaufen.
01575 4077832
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Suche Teile für Partenavia P68

Suche diverse Teile für den Wiederaufbau einer Partenavia P68.
Beacon, Tachogeber, Avionik, Funk, Transponder, ELT, Reifen, Auspuffteile, uvm.
Gerne alles anbieten!
MIG Düsenjäger Glasdach

MIG Düsenjäger Glasdach

Verkaufe original Glasdach für einen Düsenjäger. Vermutlich MIG. Glas ist nicht gebrochen. Keine Schäden.

Phone Number: 09351/3759

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Eisenschmidt starts Declared Training Organisation
24.01.2024 – Eisenschmidt is well on its way to start a certified DTO (Declared Training Organisation).

The well known German pilot supply company have now released a first

AAS brokers Cessna Citation CJ1+
Bremen, 31st January 2024 - Atlas Air Service hands over a Cessna Citation CJ1+ to a client from northern Germany.

As part of a brokerage agreement, Atlas Air Service AG has

Uncertain future of Avgas 100LL
Further to our previous report on the impending discontinuation of the use of Avgas 100LL (see below), AOPA Germany reports that Shell have now submitted an application for the temporary
3-blade MT-Prop MTV-9 for Cessna’s 182
Atting, January 2024 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH received the EASA STC 10083426 for the installation of the 3-blade Propeller MTV-9-D/200-58 on the Cessna Cessna 182H, J, K, L,
Flying to AERO in your own plane
December 21, 2023 | Friedrichshafen – Visitors of AERO 2024 will also be able to attend the leading global trade fair for General Aviation in their own aircraft. A new, fair procedure
DULV and AOPA address problem together
With kind permission by AOPA Germany we publish here an excerpt from AOPA Germany’s newsletter no. 357 dated December 8th. 2023. It addresses alleged problems with Rotax engines which,
Continental® Certified Factory New and Rebuilt Piston Engines
As well as offering parts support, Adams Aviation has been successfully supplying the full range of factory new and rebuilt Continental® engines for many years.

With their

Atlas Air Service brings PRIZM Aircraft Lighting to Europe
Atlas becomes first European dealer for PRIZM LED lighting systems. First installation took place in Augsburg/Germany.

Atlas Air Service, together with its subsidiaries

AirShampoo landing fee vouchers for 2024
21.11.23: Once again, flying will become more affordable in the coming year 2024 with the help of AirShampoo's landing vouchers, the "Lande-Gutscheinheft 2024". This time, new locations
EASA STC for Cessna 414A Series + RAM
Atting, November 2023 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH received the EASA STC 10043106 R1 for the 4-blade natural composite propeller MTV-14-D-C-F/CF188-30() on the Cessna 414A Series
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