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New and used aircraft spares. Offers for aircraft modification. overhaul, and maintenance

Whelen Orion 650 Wingtiplights

Whelen Orion 650 Wingtiplights

Whelen Orion 650.
Airplane Wing Tip Light FlyWAT Orion 650 14 V. As pair. Red and green. Tailor made cable comes with quadripolar plug and new socket. As good as new, only 1h used. Comes with new base plates.
HC-B3TN-3B/ T10178NB-10Q Piper

HC-B3TN-3B/ T10178NB-10Q Piper

Propeller Total Time: 5,574.30

Time Since Major Overhaul: 1483.20

OVERHAUL DATE: 03-23-2021

GOOD UNTIL: 02-2025

Phone Number: 845-331-8111

Motorträger C172 Rocket

Motorträger C172 Rocket

Motorträger C172 Rocket : FR172H für IO360D. Der Motorträger ist gebraucht, unfallfrei und funktionstüchtig. Privatverkauf ohne Gewährleistung. Versand in Deutschland in stabiler Holzkiste oder Abholung in EDNX.

Phone Number: 1728913627

Wipline 3730 Amphibious Floats

Wipline 3730 Amphibious Floats

Wipline 3730 Amphibious Floats with 206 Rigging.
These floats were manufactured in July of 2002 and rebuilt by Wipaire in July of 2012, The floats are in very good condition, less than 160 Hrs since reworked.
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Propeller zu verkaufen

HO 127HM-180-138, SN 57099B, 120h nach GÜ Fa.Hoffmann mit Form 1, Bolzensatz, Spinner, Halteplatten und Spacer für DR 400/180, Lärmminderung 4dB, Preis: € 1350,00. Privatverkauf, keine MWST ausweisbar.

Mail: walter@gockenba.ch

Phone Number: 07351 75075

Propeller (Z.B. Für C42)

Propeller (Z.B. Für C42)

Luftschraube Kiev Prop BB 283 3-Blatt, Durchm. 1,80 m

Am Boden einstellbar, wenig gelaufen, Top Zustand

inklusive DUC Einstelllehre für Propeller

Phone Number: 0043 67687037120

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Auspuffkrümmer für Beech

Auspuffkrümmer für Beech zu verkaufen, bitte Angebot abgeben
Auspuff für Cessna 172

Auspuff für Cessna 172

Auspuff für Cessna 172 zu verkaufen gegen Höchstgebot
Radschuh für Cessna 172

Radschuh für Cessna 172

Verkaufe ältere Radschuhe für Cessna 172A, Gegen Höchstgebot.
Motorträger O-320

Motorträger O-320

Motorträger O-320 zu verkaufen, ohne Papiere gegen Höchstgebot
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Production ramp-up, new F2 and CT aircraft shipped
September 15th 2023, Eisenach Germany - Flight Design general aviation, the European manufacturer of the F2 and CT series of aircraft reports that the first 2 production F2-LSA models
TMZ mandatory zone in the Netherlands
A TMZ with mandatory listening watch below the Schiphol TMA-1 in the Netherlands is in force since July 13. Many foreign pilots use Dutch airspace, an information pamphlet has been
Successful seventh edition
Bern, 10th September 2023 - This year's Electrifly-In Switzerland, held this weekend at the Swiss Air Force base at Bern Airport, was a success. The event was dedicated to sustainable
Your key to interconnectivity in aviation
This editorial is currently available only in German language.

You may find it here
EASA STC for Piper PA-28R(T)-201T Turbo Arrow III, IV
Atting, August 2023 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH has received the EASA STC 10082080 for the installation of the 3-blade natural composite propeller MTV-12-D/188-53( ) on the Piper
New STCs for Slingsby Firefly and Airtractor
Atting, January 2023 – German prop manufacturer MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH received new authorizations to install their state-of-tge-art propellers to two further aircraft models.
AAS now accredited member of IADA
Atlas Air Service AG is now an accredited member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA). Members of the IADA are the world's most renowned dealers of business aircraft.
Founded in 1968 - and still going strong in 2023
From humble beginnings, shaped from an idea in the basement of a London pub in 1968, Adams Aviation has reached its milestone 55th birthday. The company has seen plenty of change in
100,000 MT-Propeller blade manufactured
MT-Propeller natural composite blades have been a success since they were first built. Because of their natural composite construction, they are much lighter than aluminum propeller
Piper Meridian converted to a PT6A-135A
Having ideas how to make aircraft quieter and more efficient, MT-Propeller took the Piper M500 Meridian as a new program, replacing the original PT6A-42A engine with a PT6A-135A engine.
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