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Flight Sim introduces its EASA-certified flight simulator (BIDT/FNPT I) FLIGHTSIM G1000

Professional simulators have long been reserved for just airlines. It does not have to be this way - for pilot training in private flying schools and clubs, an EASA-certified flight simulator (BIDT/FNPT I), the FLIGHTSIM G1000, was developed and approved by Austrian engineers.

The EASA-certified flight simulator (BIDT/FNPT I) FLIGHTSIM G1000

Did you know that the history of flight simulation dates back to 1910? Soon after the tender beginnings of aviation, very simple means were used for the first time to prepare pilots on the ground for their work in the air. More than 100 years later, simulators are not just an accepted, but an integral part of the training of professional crews.

The most important benefits of a simulator quickly become apparent: flight students and fully trained pilots can train in a targeted manner at any time, regardless of weather conditions. Even difficult procedures and emergency situations can be practiced until the very last move is right. All this in a relaxed atmosphere and without cost and time pressure.

The FLIGHTSIM G1000 has been designed to replicate the flight characteristics of the Diamond Aircraft DA40 "Diamond Star". The realistic cockpit boasts true-to-life instrumentation and levers.

But what is commonplace for airlines was considered financially unattainable for many flight schools and clubs. That is until now, because the revolutionary FLIGHTSIM G1000 is the first simulator designed by aviation experts and flight instructors specifically for use in clubs and flight schools. A training option for PPL, CPL or IR training that was previously difficult to finance is now easily possible with the EASA-certified (BIDT/FNPT I) simulator.

The FLIGHTSIM G1000 has been designed to replicate the flight characteristics of the Diamond Aircraft DA40 "Diamond Star" and is certified as a "Generic Single Engine Model". The realistic cockpit boasts true-to-life instrumentation and is based on the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit with Primary Flight Display, Multi Function Display and GFC700 autopilot. The control forces are also simulated in a realistic manner to give the student a complete feeling of flight.

The instrumentation is based on the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit with Primary Flight Display, Multi Function Display and GFC700 autopilot.

The instructor station can be used, for example, to implement position changes and set weather scenarios statically or dynamically. Malfunctions can also be practiced with ease.

Within PPL training 5 hours can be flown on the FNPT I, within the CPL training up to 25 hours and within CB-IR, 10 hours are counted on the FNPT I.

Our unique strength is that we can integrate the simulator into your ATO. Our company is happy to support you before, during and after the purchase of the FLIGHTSIM G1000.

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