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Private Aviation and Covid-19

IAOPA in close contact with EASA

Regarding the present situation pertaining to the current Corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) and its effect on General Avition, AOPA Germany and IAOPA have supplied us with relevant information which we would like to pass on to our readers (information received on March 16th, 2020).

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus many social activities have been halted. It is (still) possible to fly in most European countries. In more and more countries, like for instance Norway, Austria, Italy and Belgium, all GA flight activities have been suspended.

Our Italian AOPA colleagues have launched a very important initiative with their aviation authority, which IAOPA has joined to prevent damage to our industry.

It is foreseeable that, across Europe, many pilot licenses, ratings, medicals and ARC’s (inspection certificates) cannot be extended within the deadlines as planned due to the restrictions. Since it takes a lot of effort to extend all of these permissions after the deadline, the Italian aviation administration has applied to the EU to extend them all at a flat rate. The aim must be to be able to restart operations as soon as possible after the restrictions have been removed in order to limit the economic damage. Ultimately, it is also about preserving jobs.

EASA has already responded and in the first phase has planned a flat-rate extension of licenses and authorizations for commercial pilots in air carriers and for air traffic controllers. The next phase is about all other licenses, including general and sport aviation.

We are in close contact with EASA and National Aviation Authorities, in order to quickly develop good and resilient transition solutions for our industry.

If you are aware of special cases not mentioned in the above, please write to us under iaopa@iaopa.eu

But most important stay healthy!

Update on the above

On March 24th, 2020 EASA has replied with the following announcement:

We would like to inform you that the Agency has provided to Member States an exemption template in accordance with Article 71(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 to support Member States in a collective and harmonised adoption of exemption measures aimed at extending the validity period of ratings, certificates and medical reports, as applicable, for flight crews, cabin crews, instructors and examiners, mechanics, air traffic controllers and aeromedical examiners. A similar template for EFTA members still using Art.14 will also be provided very soon to those EASA Member States.

The Agency is constantly monitoring the extreme disruption due to the COVID19 outbreak and is ready to provide further support if needed. This said, EASA believes that the issuance of exemptions as such may not always be needed in order to adapt to the situation. We are all facing a situation of Force Majeure, and thus we should in the outset use exemptions only towards the certificates that would elapse in the absence of proactive action.

In addition, the Agency together with the Member States will start working on the return to operation and adapt the necessary measures to ensure the recovery of the aviation industry in the wake of this brutal stop of the activity.
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Private Aviation and Covid-19
Regarding the present situation pertaining to the current Corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) and its effect on General Avition, AOPA Germany and IAOPA have supplied us with relevant information
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