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World Directory of Light Aviation 2020/2021

Get the overview: Comprehensive and up-to-date!

The new directory lists images, descriptions and technical data over 1000 aircraft: ultralights, microlights, LSA, gyrocopters, ul-helicopters, certified aircraft, kitplanes, trikes, ultralight and certified gliders and motor-gliders, as well as instruments, engines, propellers and accessories. It also includes addresses of manufacturers, importers, associations, schools and much more.

The World Directory of Light Aviation (WDLA) is a reference book drawn from the information of hundreds of thousands of the world’s pilots, professionals and other interested parties.

Bigger than ever is the section on VTOLs and Multicopters, the new flying machines, mostly electric, which will attempt to conquer the world in the future.

In the Manufacturer-index, Product-index and the Importer-index you will find help to search for specific products.

The World Directory of Light Aviation (WDLA) is a reference book drawn from the information of hundreds of thousands of the world’s pilots, professionals and other interested parties; with over 290 pages in full color the WDLA has become the reference for many airplane enthusiasts. The WDLA is now available in three languages: English, French and German. The Chinese-language version will be available at the end of this year.

The new World Directory of Light Aviation 2020/2021 is now available at selected bookstores and online. Online orders in USA or Canada: USD $16.99 plus USD $7.75 postage


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Europe/worldwide: 9,95 Euro plus postage

or as a pdf for download (8 Euro) www.flying-pages.com/shop_de/
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Next FAA STCs for MT Propeller
Atting, May 2021 - MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH has received the FAA STC SA04633NY for the Quiet Fan Jet composite propeller MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(G)/CFR224-55( ) on the Beech 99/100 series
Pilatus delivers 1.800th PC-12
After leading the turbine-powered business aircraft market in 2020, Pilatus passes another fleet milestone with the delivery of the 1800th example of the versatile single-engine turboprop.
Demo aircraft flown to Air Alliance in Siegerland
A P2012 Traveller in Airline configuration flew from Capua, Italy, to Siegerland, Germany, on last April 14th as a demo aircraft dedicated to Air Alliance customers in the German and
New pilot store by Eisenschmidt
Eisenschmidt GmbH, one of Germany’s most renowned pilot shop operators, has now opened a new pop-up store at Mainz Finthen airfield (EDFZ) in the Aeroreal hangar. The shop will be open
Corona crisis forces Messe Friedrichshafen to cancel
Friedrichshafen 21/04/2021 - First, the good news: AERO 2022 is scheduled to take place from April 27 to 30, 2022 in a then hopefully Corona-free environment. This year though, there
Air Taxis: life in the fast lane
Manufacturers worldwide are working on eye- catching models for what will soon become the latest in public transportation – air taxis. Each incorporat- ing different technologies, features
Daher launches enhanced Kodiak 100 Series III
Sandpoint, Idaho, USA, March 29, 2021 - The Kodiak 100 Series III version of Daher’s turboprop-powered sport and utility aircraft was unveiled today, incorporating enhancements and
Three-blade prop for Piper 28 and
MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH has received the FAA STC SA04463NY for the next generation composite 3-blade propeller MTV-9-B/198-52 on the Piper PA-28-236 Dakota with the engine IO-540-J3A5D.
New retailer for the TECNAM P2012 series
Capua - Italy. TECNAM® is proud to announce their partnership with Air Alliance to market its ultimate twin engine Tecnam P2012 series for the sales territories in Germany and Austria.
Further STCs for MT Propeller
Atting, March 2021 - German prop manufacturer MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH has received further recent supplementary type certificates (STCs) for new and higher performance props to
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