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New product by Eisenschmidt

30.09.2021 – The loose-leaf collection Airfield Guide Germany is Eisenschmidt’s latest product addition. The ideal supplement to the digital AIP VFR, it contains all visual flight and aerodrome charts for airports, landing fields and military airfields with civil joint use from the Aeronautical Information Publication Germany VFR. The originator of the data is DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH.

The new Airfield Guide Germany produced by Eisenschmidt is the company’s latest addition to their extensive range of products.

The book is based on the data of 29 JUL 2021. An update of the book or individual pages by Eisenschmidt or DFS does not take place within this edition. However, the information on the charts is always subject to change, such as new radio frequencies, implementation of construction measures, etc.. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that when using the charts for flight planning and execution, you check in advance with suitable sources to ensure that they are up to date.

Suitable sources are e.g. the products AIP VFR Online (web application) and pilotESsentials (app), each of which contains the complete Aeronautical Information Publication AIP VFR for Germany. (An in-app purchase is required for pilotESsentials.) The content is always available online at the current status. Both products can be purchased as a bundle together with the Airfield Guide.

The loose-leaf collection Airfield Guide Germany contains all visual flight and aerodrome charts for airports, landing fields and military airfields with civil joint use from the Aeronautical Information Publication Germany VFR.

Product details:

• All visual flight and aerodrome charts from the Aeronautical Information Publication AIP VFR Germany.

• The official charts of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH.

• Eff. Date 29 JUL 2021 (without supplementary service).

• Charts are presorted alphabetically.

• Stapled in a stable ring binder in DIN A5 format.

• The ring binder is scratch-resistant and laminated on the inside and outside.

• Printed on sturdy paper (80 g/m²).

• The 2-fold ring mechanism is riveted in the back cover.

• The rings can be easily opened and closed manually.

• QR codes on the back of the folder lead directly to the digital products.

About Eisenschmidt

R. Eisenschmidt GmbH: A company with a long aviation tradition ...

How it all began ...

On 1 September 1880, Rudolf Eisenschmidt started a publishing house in Berlin, which soon experienced rapid growth. Only a few years later in 1887, the company started a wholesale and retail business for maps. By the time the Second World War started, the R. Eisenschmidt GmbH company had become the largest German map dealer and was the main distributor for the official maps for the national mapping agencies of Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

In September 1909, the first chart for airships made its debut at the first International Airship Exhibition in Frankfurt. This chart was the forerunner of today's aeronautical charts. The creator of the chart, a lieutenant-colonel called Modebeck, already had a publishing house in mind, the firm Rudolf Eisenschmidt, that would market maps for the whole world.

A special chart just for aviation was an entirely new idea and went down in aviation history. Another first came in 1928. Eisenschmidt published the first aeronautical information publication for Germany, which included approach charts for aerodromes. After World War II, general aviation was banned in Germany. As a consequence, Eisenschmidt went back to publishing just general-purpose maps. Until the year 1961 when the Federal Administration of Air Navigation Services recognised the expertise in sales and aviation that had once existed in the firm and chose it to be the sales channel for its official publications for pilots.

Today ...

... the company is located at the largest general aviation airport in Germany, Egelsbach. At 135 years old, it is the oldest aviation publisher in the world.

Since July 2013, the company has been a subsidiary of the German air navigation service provider DFS and has undergone a comprehensive modernisation programme. The company's portfolio of aeronautical products includes official aeronautical publications and training material as well as technical accessories for the preparation, planning and conduct of flights. Almost 4 000 products are now carried in the range, which is being continuously updated and expanded.

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