Successful maiden flight

CEA Design Turboproptrainer P01

Kottingbrunn, Austria - The P01 prototype made by the Austrian company CEA Design GmbH successfully took off for its maiden flight on December 11th, 2021.The flight lasted a little longer than 20 minutes and all systems and flight characteristics were tested.The flight was carried out by Ingmar Mayerbuch (test pilot) and Clemens Knappert (chief designer at CEA Design) who took over the role of the flight test engineer. Both were extremely satisfied with the first results.

The P01 prototype of the Austrian company CEA Design GmbH’s single engine turboprop trainer successfully took off for its maiden flight on December 11th, 2021.

The P01 is a turboprop training aircraft, which was largely made of carbon fiber composites. It is a new design and was completely developed, manufactured, and tested by the experts at the relatively young company CEA Design GmbH based in Kottingbrunn (Austria).

In addition to a new 750SHP turbine with digital control system (manufacturer: Ivchenko Progress), the aircraft has the most modern glass cockpit avionics (touchscreen) and many other recent and innovative design details (such as the integrated modular construction).

During development, great attention has been paid to safety. The P01 has 0/0 ejection seats, bird- strike-proof canopy as well as a crash-proof cockpit. All critical systems are redundant.?Gernot Grabner (Managing Director): “We are very satisfied with the results of our P01 development. We would like to thank the test pilot Ingmar Mayerbuch for the safe and professional first flight. Many thanks also to the agency AUSTRO CONTROL for accompanying the entire project.”

CEA Design GmbH is an Austrian company based in Kottingbrunn (Austria) which is specialized in the development and modification of aircraft on behalf of customers.
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