Production to start in Czech Republic

Flight Design

Flight Design general aviation GmbH, the Eisenach Germany based light plane manufacturer returns to Sun N’ Fun in Florida, USA and Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany is looking ahead to a successful 2023.

Flight Design will be participating in this year’s AERO in Friedrichshafen, Germany and is looking ahead to a successful 2023

During the last year, Flight Design focused on continued development of the F2 series, including the EASA type-certified F2-CS23, continued sales of F2-LSA in the United States, starting production in Sumperk, Czech Republic and work on several new models.

“The great news is that molds, tooling, inventory including complete aircraft and airframes from the factory in Kherson, Ukraine have been secured and moved to a safe location, and they will soon be in the Czech Republic. Some work is continuing in Kherson and many of the staff are working remotely or in the Sumperk facility. We are very grateful to our local management in Kherson for keeping the factory almost untouched during these challenging times.” said Daniel Guenther, Flight Design's CEO.

Flight Design began the process to create a new production line in Sumperk, Czech Republic last March. The first deliveries of new F2s and CTs are expected in April 2023: F2-LSA and F2-CS23 are now in production in Czech Republic. The remaining CT aircraft and airframes secured from the Ukrainian factory will be completed there as well. Since 2019 Sumperk has been the location of Flight Design Czech, where design, prototype development, flight testing, creation of production tooling and the EASA approved Production Organization are based.

Flight Design began the process to create a new production line in Sumperk, Czech Republic last March. The first deliveries of new F2s and CTs are expected in April 2023.

Production of the popular CT series (CT Super and CTLS) can now start again, after securing the CT series production tooling. Flight Design is in negotiations over a new manufacturing location. It is planned to have a new production line established soon after delivering the existing recovered airframes this Summer.

Flight Design currently has more than 100 orders and preorders for F2 Series (F2-LSA and F2-CS23) aircraft. The first new deliveries of aircraft are expected in April 2023. There is significant demand for a new technology flight training aircraft in Europe, Asia and North America and the type-certified F2-CS23 for Day and Night VFR along with the F2-CS23 IFR variant are aimed directly at these markets.

Validation data for the existing F2-CS23 EASA type-certificate was submitted last year to the FAA in the USA, the CAAC in China and the DGCA in India. Type Certificate acceptance by the FAA and CAAC is expected in July, 2023. A Type Certificate in India was granted on March 13th 2023 after a validation program of the F2-CS23 EASA Type Certificate.

Development of the F4 four-seat and F2e electric variants was resumed in the 3rd quarter 2022 and the first flight of a F4 development model is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2023. The first flight of a F2e prototype in serial production configuration is scheduled for the beginning of 2024.

Flight Design will again have displays at Sun N’ Fun, AERO Friedrichshafen and EAA Oshkosh Airventure. At AERO, the display will include F2-CS23 and F2-LSA and the latest version of the CTLSi will be shown. More detailed information on the F4 and F2e will be presented.

The company would like to thank the generous donors who helped support their employees in Ukraine. Flight Design general aviation and Flight Design USA created donation programs which were crucial to help many of their employees to overcome the most difficult times of their lives.
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