Further major orders for AutoGyro

Gyroplane fleets ensure security from the air

Hildesheim, March 14, 2024 – At the start of this year AutoGyro GmbH won two major contracts for professional gyroplanes. A total of 18 „Sentinels“, most camera-equipped, were ordered by international police forces and law enforcement agencies to perform aerial surveillance tasks. Following the successful initial deployment in 2023, the Turkish Jandarma Havacilik has decided to expand its fleet by six more specialised Rotax 916 iS powered Cavalon Sentinels. In addition, another key authority has ordered seven Cavalon 916 iS Sentinels as well as five Calidus 916 iS Sentinels accompanied by a package for flight crew training and the associated infrastructure.

Effective performing of aerial monitoring tasks - Why Turkish Jandarma relies on AutoGyro gyroplanes

As a camera-carrying platform for day and night aerial surveillance, the AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinel has sucessfully proven to be highly cost-effective, practical and sustainable for tasks such as traffic monitoring, aerial search and border patrol. The Director of Gendarmerie Aviation at Jandarma Havacilik Turkey, Major General Ali DOGAN, explains what was decisive for the initial choice of gyroplanes: „We needed a cost-effective aerial vehicle capable of performing helicopter tasks and transmitting images from the air (…) because flight and maintenance costs of our helicopters are quite high.”

The leading gyroplane manufacturer AutoGyro will supply 18 professional use Sentinels for various surveillance missions – such as traffic monitoring for the Turkish Jandarma.

After extensive testing and successful deployment in 2023, the gyroplanes proved to be the right solution for their missions. Thus, additional fields of application have been added and the gyro fleet is now being expanded.The new six Cavalon Sentinels will be delivered in summer 2024.

Milestone for the professional use of gyroplanes

Gerald Speich, CEO of AutoGyro GmbH, explains the significance of both the major order to the new customer and the follow-up order to the Turkish Jandarma: „These multi-million euro orders are not only an important milestone for AutoGyro as a company, but also strengthen our footprint within the global professional market. Gyroplanes have become an attractive addition or alternative vehicle in many areas of aerial surveillance. Airbone security is being rethought in many countries - not only in terms of cost-effectiveness, but also from an environmental perspective, arenas that our aircraft excel in“.

Aleksandra Witkowska, Co-CEO of AutoGyro, adds „The professional market successes that have led to these new orders are the result of exceptional teamwork. We are very proud of our global team. As only manufacturer in the gyroplane sector complying with all major national regulations and highest safety standards we are now looking forward to the future with confidence and are welcoming new employees”.

The AutoGyro Sentinel model as plattform for aerial surveillance

The professionally used Sentinel models are characterized not only by easy and cost-effective operation and maintenance, but also by maximised safety, cabin comfort and sustainability. With operating costs of less than 200 EUR per hour and a low consumption of only 25 litres super unleaded fuel per hour (57,5 kg CO2/h emissions), a gyroplane can carry out many tasks of other aerial vehicles whilst achieving the same or better levels of task accomplishment at vastly reduced costs. Thanks to a flight duration of up to four hours at a maximum speed up to 225 km/h, the gyroplanes can reach the operational areas fast, and can remain there on task for a considerable time at very slow speeds, enabling excellent observation results. The Sentinel can carry a range of task specific equipment, including special customer-defined equipment such as an integrated 4K and/or Infrared camera with a live downlink to ground personnel. Equipped with a fully certified autopilot, according to the specifications of the British CAA, and customized avionics the AutoGyro Sentinel has the capability to operate even in IFR conditions. This equipment also reduces pilot fatigue workload in normal flight conditions.

AutoGyro made-in-Germany gyroplanes have many applications such as monitoring of pipelines, energy distribution networks, borders or traffic infrastructure, coasts, wildlife, disaster relief, and aerial mapping.

Additional customer statements (Jandarma Havacilik)

Gendarmerie Pilot Colonel Ruhi YÜKSEL, The Commander of the Support Group at the Gendarmerie Aviation Department, Jandarma Havacilik Turkey:

“As a result of the economic advantages, AutoGyro gyroplanes have been actively employed in aerial traffic control and law enforcement tasks and are expected to be utilized for many years to come.”

“The maintenance and sustainment activities for our AutoGyro gyroplanes are carried out by our own technicians. The use of regular gasoline significantly reduces flight costs, making operational expenses incredibly economical. While the hourly flight cost for a helicopter is approximately US$ 3.000, for a AutoGyro gyroplane, this cost reduces to around US$ 35.”

As a camera-carrying platform for day and night aerial surveillance, the AutoGyro Cavalon Sentinel has sucessfully proven to be highly cost-effective, practical and sustainable for tasks such as traffic monitoring, aerial search and border patrol.

More Information

Detailed Jandarma reference article and statements https://auto-gyro.com/jandarma/

Cavalon Sentinel: https://auto-gyro.com/cavalon-sentinel/

Calidus Sentinel: https://auto-gyro.com/calidus-sentinel/

AutoGyro: www.auto-gyro.com

About AutoGyro

AutoGyro is the world leader in the innovation, production, and distribution of gyroplanes. Since production commenced in 2003, AutoGyro has produced and delivered more than 3.100 aircraft across the globe. The company is based at Hildesheim airfield, Germany, where AutoGyro models are designed and developed with more than 90% of the aircraft parts manufactured in-house. These German engineered aircraft are fully certified by multiple national aviation authorities, including the UK CAA, the German DULV, the US FAA, the Chinese CAAC amongst many, and include full standard category Certificates of Airworthiness for aerial work, and day or night use. AutoGyro is the only gyroplane company in the world with this range of accreditations.

With a sales and service network in over 40 countries, AutoGyro is well placed to support national or international fleet requirements, wherever it is planned to operate.

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